When Marcus woke, he was lying on his side. Opening his eyes, he stared at the concrete floor beneath him. His stomach didn’t hurt anymore, but his head still ached. He heard someone else in the room and pushed himself up on one knee, placing one hand palm down on the floor to support himself.

As he raised his head, Marcus saw the street vendor sitting at a desk. The man had raised an eyebrow, and now he spoke. “That was a very powerful drug. There are only a few people besides you who could have shaken off the effects so quickly.”

Marcus shook his head slightly. “Drug?” He echoed vaguely. How could he have been drugged? He remembered something about fries…The fries! “Was it the fries?”

“Yes, it was,” the man replied. “Also, few people would have full control of their minds as quickly as you.” He was regarding the boy with interest, as if he were an experiment.