Playing Catch-up

Whether blogging or schoolwork, that’s been the story of my life for the past month or two. So where shall I start?

In January, my family got a puppy. We named her Eponine as a tribute to our favorite character from Les MiserablesDSCN3751IMG_0201

Eponine recently after we got her, and then at the beginning of May.

My archery team had their State Tournament in March and their National Tournament in May. The high school team got third place in the state, but we were still a wild card team.

May is always a super busy month for my family. Two of my siblings share a birthday three years apart – they both got a party this year. One was a tenth party with boys from our church and their families, the other a thirteenth sleepover with  teenage girls.

The first weekend in June, my choir was invited to sing during the intermission of a dance recital at the Springer Opera House. As if singing at the oldest theater in the state wasn’t scary enough, I was accompanying the choir for two songs. And our two guys who can sing bass had other plans. We did well, considering the fact that my sister and I had taken the ACT test that morning.

Two days later, a group of friends and I left for GBC’s music camp. It was a blast – I absolutely loved the choral clinician. I made performing handbells…super exciting! Now I want to go to Berry College…

Speaking of college, I applied to a nearby community college for duel enrollment classes!

Then I helped with cosumes at a summer drama camp. That involved running up and down three flights of stairs, plucking children from classes to fit their costumes, and countless trips to Hobby Lobby for supplies.

The next week, I helped with my piano teacher’s music camp. I got to teach the general music class (basically anything that remotely has to do with music), which is fun because we make food that goes with the day’s Bible story.

Independence Day was awesome, as always. We didn’t do fireworks this year, but we got to go see Opelika’s public fireworks. My cousin has a Snapchat account, so we posted a bunch of videos with “La Vie en Rose” playing in the background.

This has been my life lately. Voila. I registered for dual enrollment classes! I’ll probably do a whole separate post on that…


Croatia – Day 3

November 1st – Today being Sunday, we went to one of the few Baptist churches in Croatia. Now, being a Baptist in Europe is different than being a Southern Baptist. Croatian Baptists trace their roots back to before the Reformation.

The church was small, so we felt right at home. Everyone was welcoming and wanted to shake our hand, and we just smiled and said, “Jutro!” or “Dobar dan!” (“Good morning” and “good day.”) We had learned how to pronounce the Croatian alphabet so we could read anything, even if we didn’t know what we were saying. That proved to be very helpful during the worship service. We sang “Change My Heart O God” in Croatian, and were able to sing all the other songs, too!

Our pastor preached, the Croatian pastor translating. We had already heard the sermon before (the first couple verses of Matthew 15) but it was interesting to try to pick out Croatian cognates and hear the people’s reactions to the traditions of the Pharisees. Ceremonial handwashing in that time used 3 half-eggshells of water. The person washing their hands had to let the water drip all the way down to the elbow, then turn their arm and let it drip off the tips of the fingers. If they skipped any of this, they would be unclean and have to start the whole process over again.

Our team sang “All I Have is Christ” in Croatian. My hands were shaking so badly I could barely play my tinwhistle. Apparently people were crying, but I wasn’t paying attention to the audience.

After church, we went to a pizza restaurant – Croatian pizza is good!

That evening, we went back to the church for a devotion and a jewelry-making party. I got to play the piano in front of everyone, and my hands were so sweaty that there were drops of moisture on the keys. Hopefully you can’t tell. 😉

When the party was over, we visited a Catholic cemetery. On All Saint’s Day, Catholics light candles at their loved one’s graves, each candle representing a prayer that is believed to get the deceased person’s soul out of Purgatory. It was very sobering to be there on that particular evening, with the hillside lit up in the cold. We were all quiet as we drove home, and I know that I thought about our visit for a long time afterward.