Liebster Tag

Thank you to Abbie at for tagging me! I don’t know eleven bloggers, but I’m still going to do a post for fun.

Is there any story as to why you were given your name? Yes! There was a show my mom watched called WKRP in Cincinnati with a girl named Bailey Quarters, whom she thought was cute. And my mom’s grandmother’s name was Esther Bailey Jones; it was a family name, too.

Also a story about my name: After I my dad’s aunt learned what I had been named, she said, “The only thing I knew named Bailey was a dog! And he wasn’t even a good dog!”

Are you a night owl or early bird? Early bird: I hate staying out late.

What is your favorite breakfast? Baked oatmeal. It’s like eating a soft, moist oatmeal cookie bar in a bowl with chocolate chips, craisins, and milk. 

 How would you describe your style? Oooh, that’s hard…simple, comfortable, and practical – my archery t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. But I also like to dress up in a nice blouse every now and then. 

 What is your dream occupation? An author, of course! I’d love to be a best-seller someday…

3 favorite boy names? Liam, Marcus, and…I don’t think I have another favorite. Robin, probably.

3 favorite girl names? Ella, Erin, and Rowena.

Where would you like to travel?  Ireland/Scotland or New Zealand. Otherwise, I’ll just stay at home.

Favorite part of your daily routine? Do I have one? (Routine or favorite part?) Maybe when I’m done with my routine…

What song gives you the most feels and why? I See Fire and The Last Goodbye.  Both have beautiful accompiantment and just listening to the lyrics after seeing the Hobbit movies is almost enough to make me cry. And I know this is weird, but Let It Go. Like me, Elsa is the older sister with a lot of responsibility. She’s becoming the queen, which means everyone expects a lot from her. Be the good girl you always have to be, conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know…all of those lines feel so familiar to me. In fact, when I first listened to it in the theater, and the second time I heard it, I cried.

If you could learn to do one (creative) thing perfectly, what would it be? Play the harp or violin.


Playing Catch-up

Whether blogging or schoolwork, that’s been the story of my life for the past month or two. So where shall I start?

In January, my family got a puppy. We named her Eponine as a tribute to our favorite character from Les Miserables. DSCN3751IMG_0201

Eponine recently after we got her, and then at the beginning of May.

My archery team had their State Tournament in March and their National Tournament in May. The high school team got third place in the state, but we were still a wild card team.

May is always a super busy month for my family. Two of my siblings share a birthday three years apart Рthey both got a party this year. One was a tenth party with boys from our church and their families, the other a thirteenth sleepover with  teenage girls.

The first weekend in June, my choir was invited to sing during the intermission of a dance recital at the Springer Opera House. As if singing at the oldest theater in the state wasn’t scary enough, I was accompanying the choir for two songs. And our two guys who can sing bass had other plans. We did well, considering the fact that my sister and I had taken the ACT test that morning.

Two days later, a group of friends and I left for GBC’s music camp. It was a blast – I absolutely loved the choral clinician. I made performing handbells…super exciting! Now I want to go to Berry College…

Speaking of college, I applied to a nearby community college for duel enrollment classes!

Then I helped with cosumes at a summer drama camp. That involved running up and down three flights of stairs, plucking children from classes to fit their costumes, and countless trips to Hobby Lobby for supplies.

The next week, I helped with my piano teacher’s music camp. I got to teach the general music class (basically anything that remotely has to do with music), which is fun because we make food that goes with the day’s Bible story.

Independence Day was awesome, as always. We didn’t do fireworks this year, but we got to go see Opelika’s public fireworks. My cousin has a Snapchat account, so we posted a bunch of videos with “La Vie en Rose” playing in the background.

This has been my life lately. Voila. I registered for dual enrollment classes! I’ll probably do a whole separate post on that…