Quote Tag – Two for One

This is a new experience for me! I was tagged by Abbie from https://chroniclesinbloom.wordpress.com/. I’m supposed to – I guess – just do a post about a quote of my choice. You guys get two quotes today! 😉


I was at a graduation ceremony last week, and the speaker used this verse in his address. He compared the graduates to arrows, talking of how their parents had shaped them for upwards of twelve years so that they would fly true. He also gave another analogy using the graduates as arrows – one that resonated deeply with me. When a warrior or archer (the parent) nocks an arrow (the graduate) to his bow and pulls back the string, there is only a certain amount of time he can hold the bow at full draw before his arms begin to shake. He will either hold the bow with unsteady hands until his fingers slip completely, or he will release when he realizes that he is shaking.

This is what happened to this guy. He couldn’t hold the string back any more. See his right hand? That’s what happens if you hold for too long.

Either way, his shot will be thrown off, and the arrow will not fly true. Moral of that analogy: parents need to know when to let go of their children.

Applied to graduation, this quote is beautiful, exciting, and sad all at the same time. As I near adulthood, the whole world lies before me – I just have to take the first steps down the road towards this new life.

While I was listening to the ceremony (trying not to cry as I think of me next year), I was inspired. What if I could to a valedictorian-type speech when I graduate?