Today in Middle Earth

March 25, Third Age 3019 – The Destruction of the Ring!

Today, the Battle at Morannon, or the Black Gate, was fought. Aragorn leads the men of Gondor, along with the men of Rohan and several rangers, against the armies of Mordor. The Mouth of Sauron emerges from the gates to meet what is left of the Fellowship, telling them how Frodo has been captured and taunting them with their inevitable defeat. He hands his friends Frodo’s mithril shirt and  elven cloak as tokens that what he says is true. Soon after, battle is joined – but not before Aragorn makes a speech. (Which may just be my favorite movie speech ever!)

While the armies are fighting, Sam and Frodo strive to reach the Crack of Doom where the Ring can be destroyed. Gollum attacks Sam as he carries Frodo, who escapes toward the entrance of the fiery mountain. When Sam finally reaches Frodo, his friend states that he will not give up the Ring. Gollum attacks Frodo, who puts on the Ring. The two fight until Frodo gives a cry, becomes visible, and falls to the ground, clutching his hand. Gollum holds up the Ring which he has just bitten from Frodo’s finger, dancing ecstatically. But he dances too far. Helped by a shove from Frodo, both Gollum and the Ring plunge into the fire.

Frodo hangs by one hand at the edge of Mount Doom while Sam tries to pull him up. Finally they succeed and race out of the mountain, which is now crumbling. The two friends find a place above the flowing fire, where they comfort each other.

Later the Eagles come, having helped the armies of men defeat the hosts of Mordor. They find Sam and Frodo and bring them back to the Houses of Healing.

That’s a lot to happen in one day! But there’s more…Sauron was destroyed with the Ring, and his tower of Barad-Dur collapsed, freeing Middle Earth from evil.


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Hey! I'm a 17 year-old homeschooler who loves literature and music. I enjoy writing historical fiction and fantasy. I consider myself a music snob and grammar Nazi. :) When I'm working, I normally listen to the LOTR or Hobbit soundtracks. I love to dress up in medieval clothes and speak with a European accent. Hope you enjoy this blog!

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