Croatia: Day 6

Wednesday, November 4th

Today we got to tour a bottle factory! Remember on Monday when we taught at a bottle factory? Well, we were invited back for a tour so the workers could practice their English! On Wednesday morning, four of us went to a village closer to Zagreb to distribute more pamphlets about the Gospel.


We saw several chickens, and called them, “patkas,” or “ducks,” then added, “Quack-quack.” The chickens were not amused.

Sorry. 😉 Anyway, we made it through the village in a few hours, got some kava and čokolada and went back home to the the church for lunch. Then we were off to Vetropack!

When we arrived, I was reminded of a TSYS building. As we walked in, this was set into the floor:


The tour of the factory was amazing – we got to go inside the control room and see how the furnaces worked. We were able to see the bottles drop from the ceiling in liquid form, watch them as they cooled and traveled along conveyor belts to be checked for defects. We also got to see the bottles packaged and stacked on pallets. Then they invited us to have some juice – in Vetropack bottles, of course – and cheese štrudla, a traditional Croatian pastry. It’s said that if a woman can’t make a good štrudla, no one will marry her. When we had gone to the factory on Monday, my dad mentioned that one of my sisters collected bottles. On Wednesday, a woman came up to us and asked, “Where is the girl who collects bottles?” With that, she handed my sister a bag of three glass bottles, one in the shape of a man. Later, they gave her a matching lady bottle to go with it!

After a lovely time of fellowship, we left for Krapina to teach our evening classes. When we were done, we went to our host’s house for a debriefing meeting, where we had crepes, Nutella, and strawberries. Yum!


This is our pastor’s wife’s schedule after the week. All the ink markings are the changes that were made throughout the week! (Mine looked much messier because – well, let’s face it – I’m a disorganized person.) This was a learning experience for me: a much needed one. I learned to be “Croatia flexible,” in the words of my sister Rachel. She said, “I thought I was flexible, but I’m not Croatia flexible.”


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