Croatia – Day 5


Tuesday, November 3rd – Today was the only day the weather was not perfect. We walked around the outskirts of Krapina, delivering pamphlets that talked about the Gospel.



“Svaki dom” translates to “every home”

Some houses didn’t have accessible mailboxes, so we stuck the pamphlets in the fence. (Everyone has fences in Croatia.)


We found a cool old well and – of course – took a picture.


And they have driving schools in Croatia, too! Who would have thought?! The sign on the car says “Autoškola.”


Many people grow corn for their livestock.


Every neighborhood has a crucifix somewhere along the roadside.


Here’s a somewhat awkward selfie while we were out;


And here’s the Croatian flag!

We went to breakfast at a bakery, and had coffee (of course) and wonderful pastries. Afterwards, one of the guys on our team was trying to ask one of our Croatian friends what the word “krafna” meant in English.

Problem #1: He asked the question in Croatian: “Zovem se krafna?”

Problem #2: He actually said, “My name is doughnut?”

So now when we want a laugh, we say, “Zovem se doughnut!”




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