Croatia – Day 4

Monday, November 2nd – Today was our first teaching day! It went by fast, so this will be a short post.

The whole morning was spent organizing our lesson plans and running through lessons. In the afternoon, a few of our team (including me) went to a bottle factory near the border of Slovenia. I opened the class with an icebreaker game, then showed some pictures of our city. I then asked if there were any questions. Of course, they asked about homeschooling, because that’s not something that is done in Croatia. But then someone asked, “What’s the difference between what you believe and what I believe?”

I was taken aback! We had been told people would ask us that question, and just the night before the pastor had restated that, using those same words. He told us that we should answer, “What do you believe?”

I asked what they believed, and they told me that they believed in Jesus and Mary, and that God had given the Old and New Testaments. I was kind of at a loss for further words – what to say to that? We were going as a team from a church, so I asked the pastor to elaborate on what we believed. He did a great job. 😉

All in all, our classes went very well. We learned some things we needed to change in our lessons! In our debriefing meeting, we talked about our different experiences and looked at our schedule for the next day – Tuesday!



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Hey! I'm a 17 year-old homeschooler who loves literature and music. I enjoy writing historical fiction and fantasy. I consider myself a music snob and grammar Nazi. :) When I'm working, I normally listen to the LOTR or Hobbit soundtracks. I love to dress up in medieval clothes and speak with a European accent. Hope you enjoy this blog!

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