I’m Going On An Adventure!

I'm going on an adventure!

Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂
I’m going to Croatia! I know, I know. Where is Croatia? Why would you go there? Well, let’s see. My youth group (me, my sister, and one of my friends) are going on a mission trip. That doesn’t sound like a mission trip! Mission trips happen in the summer in places like South America or Mexico! Not this mission trip! We are going to teach/help teach conversational English to Croatians. You know, “What’s up,” “How’s it going,” stuff like that. We hope that this will open up a way for us to witness to our students. We will also have the opportunity to lead a song in Croatian on Sunday. It’s called, “Sve Sto Imam Je Krist,” or, in English, “All I Have is Christ.” It’s originally by Sovereign Grace Music. I don’t have to sing (although I’d love to) because I’m playing the tinwhistle.
Okay, so it is a mission trip. But why in November? Our theme is “Do Hard Things.” This is one of them. I’ll be posting pictures once we get back!

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Hey! I'm a 17 year-old homeschooler who loves literature and music. I enjoy writing historical fiction and fantasy. I consider myself a music snob and grammar Nazi. :) When I'm working, I normally listen to the LOTR or Hobbit soundtracks. I love to dress up in medieval clothes and speak with a European accent. Hope you enjoy this blog!

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