Suilad, everyone!

This is my first blog, so let’s see how this goes. I’m supposed to tell everyone stuff about myself, right? Right. Ahem. *Clears throat, takes a deep breath, then plunges in, hoping I won’t sound too scatterbrained*

I am 17 years old and in my junior year at Masterpiece Academy. I’ve been homsechooled all my life, and can’t imagine doing anything different. There are many different sides to living in Georgia (very hot and humid during the summer, not very cold in the winter) just like anywhere else. Mac ‘n cheese is a vegetable, or it should be. In my spare time, you will find me reading, drawing, or writing. I’m a super Tolkien nerd, so I’ll reference The Lord of the Rings a lot. As a third language, I’m trying to learn Sindarin Elvish – be prepared to see random and possibly odd words! (As a side note, “Suilad” means “Greetings!” in Sindarin).

That’s about it! Thanks for reading!


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Hey! I'm a 17 year-old homeschooler who loves literature and music. I enjoy writing historical fiction and fantasy. I consider myself a music snob and grammar Nazi. :) When I'm working, I normally listen to the LOTR or Hobbit soundtracks. I love to dress up in medieval clothes and speak with a European accent. Hope you enjoy this blog!

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