I’m Going On An Adventure!

I'm going on an adventure!

Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂
I’m going to Croatia! I know, I know. Where is Croatia? Why would you go there? Well, let’s see. My youth group (me, my sister, and one of my friends) are going on a mission trip. That doesn’t sound like a mission trip! Mission trips happen in the summer in places like South America or Mexico! Not this mission trip! We are going to teach/help teach conversational English to Croatians. You know, “What’s up,” “How’s it going,” stuff like that. We hope that this will open up a way for us to witness to our students. We will also have the opportunity to lead a song in Croatian on Sunday. It’s called, “Sve Sto Imam Je Krist,” or, in English, “All I Have is Christ.” It’s originally by Sovereign Grace Music. I don’t have to sing (although I’d love to) because I’m playing the tinwhistle.
Okay, so it is a mission trip. But why in November? Our theme is “Do Hard Things.” This is one of them. I’ll be posting pictures once we get back!


A Year in Ennor: Beginning

For a while, I’ve wondered what normal people in Middle Earth do from day to day. Did they hear of all the goings-on during the War of the Ring as events unfolded, or did they not know until Aragorn’s coronation. I’m starting a series of posts detailing the life of a young adult in Middle Earth. As I have yet to decide what race or gender this young adult should be, any input is welcome!


Suilad, everyone!

This is my first blog, so let’s see how this goes. I’m supposed to tell everyone stuff about myself, right? Right. Ahem. *Clears throat, takes a deep breath, then plunges in, hoping I won’t sound too scatterbrained*

I am 17 years old and in my junior year at Masterpiece Academy. I’ve been homsechooled all my life, and can’t imagine doing anything different. There are many different sides to living in Georgia (very hot and humid during the summer, not very cold in the winter) just like anywhere else. Mac ‘n cheese is a vegetable, or it should be. In my spare time, you will find me reading, drawing, or writing. I’m a super Tolkien nerd, so I’ll reference The Lord of the Rings a lot. As a third language, I’m trying to learn Sindarin Elvish – be prepared to see random and possibly odd words! (As a side note, “Suilad” means “Greetings!” in Sindarin).

That’s about it! Thanks for reading!